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SAMA–TURA 2013 (English)

We’re organizing the SAMA-Tour again in 2013, which is the Vespa Club Hungary's Scooter Rally. Like in last year's race, we’re trying to put together a good family atmosphere. The location of the SAMA-Tour is Budakalász again, the big yard and service rooms of  he Budakalász Village House. The race starts and finishes here and of course, we’ll hold the prize-giving ceremony here, as well.

Location: 2011 Budakalász, Szentendrei út 9., HUNGARY 
Start: 18. May 2013 at 8:00 AM 

The event is basically organised for Vespa riders, but you can participate in the race with any other two wheelers. The time of non-Vespa riders is calculated separately from others. The racers performance is evaluated at the end of the race, those who achieve the best times and earn the highest scores will get prizes.

After the race, we invite all participants for lunch.

About the SAMA-Tour in brief:

For those who have not yet participated in this type of contest, it’s good to know that this is an orienteering race. During an unknown route, a distance of approx. 80-90-km should be done - accurately observing the Highway Code! – with the help of a blank map, and because of the lack of navigators, the competitors must navigate themselves. (The blank map only contains which way to turn at the crossroads at x km or if there is a task is at x km, town names are not included.) For this reason, you should prepare some map holder equipment.

During the route there are different tasks to be solved at the checkpoints for which you are awarded points and the points are counted at the end-score. We’ll have a technical control station, so it is recommended to have your bike in proper condition, because there is also a checkpoint to collect or lose scores. We do the route many times before the race and that’s how we determine a time level for the route, but it’s confidential till the end of the race. The person whose time is the closest to the time limit and gains the most scores at the checkpoints will win the race. 

The winners are given our sponsors’ valuable prizes! Every participant who fulfills the route of the rally will be awarded with a certificate of completion. Everybody is welcome!

Pictures here and here.

Registration Information

The deadline for registration: 10 May 2013

Registration fee for the competitors:
In advance until 30 April: 3000 HUF (10 €)
Until 10 May: 4000 HUF (14 €)
On the spot: 5000 HUF (17 €)

VCH club members get a 1000 HUF discount from the prices above

Registration fee for family members / fans / passengers / supporters:
Adults: 1200 HUF (4 €)
Children: 600 HUF (2 €)
The event is free of charge under the age of six

Written registrations are welcome at info@vespaklub.hu. Please, include the following information in the registration e-mail: full name, date and place of birth, scooter’s type and your contact details (cellphone).

Payments are to be made to the club's bank account:

IBAN HU88121000111757753300000000

Please, include the full name of the competitor and name "SAMATURA2013" in the notice section of the bank transfer.